Stream 7

Scaling up Nature-Based Actions in the Ecological System

US-ASEAN Fellow for Science and Technology – Indonesia
ASEAN Science Diplomat – Indonesia
Researcher, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries
Institute for Marine Research and Observation – Indonesia

Dr. Frida Sidik

ASEAN Science Diplomat – Vietnam
Director, Institute for Circular Economy Development
Vietnam National University

Dr. Quan Hong Nguyen

US-ASEAN Fellow for Science and Technology – Brunei Darussalam
ASEAN Science Diplomat – Brunei Darussalam
Professor, School of Computing and Informatics
Universiti Teknologi Brunei

Dr. Wida Susanty Haji Suhail


Executive Director
Cagayan De Oro River Basin Management Council – Philippines
Founder and Executive Director, Macajalar Bay Development Alliance

Dr. Hilly Ann Roa Quiaoit

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