Opening Session Speakers

Anthony Amunátegui Abad specializes in international trade law and provides technical advice to corporations, international organizations, government, and academic institutions, on matters of international trade policy and regulation. He served the government as Tariff Commissioner and was responsible for the determination of the over-all tariff structure for the Philippines and the formulation of international trade policy, presided over anti-dumping and other trade remedy investigations, and monitored regional and multilateral trade relations. He also served as President of the Philippine International Trading Corporation, Administrator of the National Food Authority (in charge of food security), and Chairman and President of the Food Terminal, Inc. He also served as a consultant at the National Security Council, where his work included the trade policy reforms in preparation of the Philippines’ accession to the WTO. He is a professor of International Economic Law and Competition Law at the Ateneo Law School. He was a lecturer on Globalization and Governance at the Ateneo School of Government and a faculty member of the Management Department of the Ateneo de Manila University, where he lectured on International Trade and Competition and Policies and Institutions of the European Union. He is a resource speaker on international trade and competition policy and has authored studies and articles for various organizations, including the World Bank, USAID, AusAID, CIDA, The Asia Foundation, the Asian Institute of Management, Philexport, and PDP Australia. He also served as Senior Policy Adviser to the Secretary of Agriculture and Chairman of the Department of Agriculture Technical Advisory Group.


Dr. Yang worked in the private and government sectors for over 26 years. She was most recently the Senior Vice President at Alphacap. There, she assisted SMEs companies and led the development and execution of Bloconomic Expo 2019, a platform aimed at creating a vast network of blockchain entrepreneurs and developers in the fast-evolving blockchain companies. Prior to that, she was the CEO of Gameview, the largest mobile game publisher in Malaysia, where she oversaw three offices in Malaysia, China, and Thailand.

Before moving to the private sector, Yang spent 19 years working as the Business Development Manager at Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation. There, she sought to build Malaysia as a creative economy hub and led the implementation of One Source Multi Usage for cross-platform business models to fully tap into the potential of locally produced creative content. Yang also led the Digital Media sector foresight studies and created Malaysia’s creative industry forecast for 30 years (2019-2050) under the Mega Science 3.0 project with the Academy Science of Malaysia.

Aside from her professional work, she was also the Co-Founder and President of the Spina Association of Malaysia as well as the President of the World Game Blockchain Association. Furthermore, Yang is part of the international advisory panel for Malaysia Communication and Multimedia Commission, University Tenaga National and Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur.


Glenn is a multi-awarded prolific scientist and diplomat, and one of the leading experts on environment, climate change, and disaster risks in Asia. He analyzes conundrums brought by climate change and extreme events using scientific models, data, and spatial statistics, applies participatory mechanisms; recommends ESG and science-based policy solutions, and provides resilient and sustainable programs

He is the honoree of The Outstanding Filipino (TOFIL) Award for Environment Conservation and Science Diplomacy; recipient of the National Academy of Science and Technology Outstanding Young Scientist for Environmental Management; grantee of the Royal Society, The World Academy of Sciences and Environmental Defense Fund for solar radiation management; Asia Leaders Award for Sustainability Leadership; Men and Women of Science, Outstanding Agro-Fishery Gold Award, and AIESEC’s Outstanding Leadership Award. He was recognized in GWP Water Changemaker; ASEAN Champions for Biodiversity; Environmental Hero Award; ASEAN Risk Awards; Asian Professional Award and Real Impact Awards; and nominated in Elliason Global Leadership Awards and Harvard’s Roy Family Award for Environmental Partnership. He is also part of the team that won The Rockefeller Foundation Food System Vision Prize - Special Mention Award. He has been invited as a Keynote Speaker for more than 100 conferences; has received grants from different agencies; has led more than 100 projects; and has published over 50 articles.

He is the Advisor to UNDP’s GEF Projects; UNCCD’s LDN Programs; GGGI’s CCA-DRR Projects; and Korea’s SOITMC. He is the Technical Panel Expert of DOST-PCIEERD. He is part of the Editorial Advisory Committee of the Asia Pacific Network (APN) Science Bulletin. He is the EU-Asia Expert Panel Member for climate diplomacy and environmental security; Chairman of the US-ASEAN Fellows for Science and Technology; and Trustee of Statweather Institute, the humanitarian arm of Statweather, which has garnered the achievement of the #1 Climate Technology and Data Services Company in the World. He is the Founder/President of the Environmental and Climate Change Research Institute that has trained more than 1000 groups of actors through the program - “Climate Smart and Disaster Resilient Philippines”. He is the Founder/Chairman of the ASEAN Science Diplomacy that trains scientists/engineers to communicate science and integrate it into the policy and also the Founder of the Climate Smart and Disaster Resilient ASEAN.
He took Climate Change and Energy from Harvard Kennedy School and Sustainability Leadership from Yale University. And he took the Applied Remote Sensing Training program from National Aeronautics Space Administration.


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